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  • Freshness Checker
  • Histamine Checker

These devices were developed by Professor Emeritus Minoru Sato at the Marine Biochemistry Laboratory of Tohoku University Faculty of Agriculture.

Easy operation, quick measurement, accurate numerical value

With these devices, anyone can easily measure the freshness and histamine content of food samples. Check the freshness and histamine content of any kind of flesh product, including meat, fish and poultry. Useful for checking the taste, quality and safety of ingredients before meal preparation in food processing factories, and at meal caterers, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Freshness Checker

Accurate assessment of freshness by measuring nucleotides, both visually and digitally, to quantify the safety and quality of food.


Histamine Checker

Histamine in decaying fish can cause food poisoning in the form of a severe allergic reaction. The Histamine Checker accurately monitors the levels of histamine, and so protects customer health.


This machine measures the level of freshness (K value) of fish and meat. It is compact; not much larger than an opened notebook computer. The freshness and histamine checkers provide numerical indications of food safety and quality for fish and meat products. Please feel free to enquire directly if you have particular questions or require any further information.


Reasons for choosing the Freshness Checker

Simple operation

There are 4 simple steps of operation, which can be followed even by someone operating the Freshness Checker for the first times. There is also a video showing the operation procedure.

Rapid results

Five samples can be processed within 10 minutes. All data can be collated allowing comparison among previous measurements.

Accurate and a reasonable price

K values can be measured accurately and inexpensively. Histamine levels can also measured.

The Freshness Checker is easy to operate in 4 simple steps!

Suspend the sample in liquid
Analyze by electrophoresis
Dry the electrophoregram and photograph
Calculate the K value

With one extra step, measure histamine content.

Histamine detection
View a simple how to video
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